Our Approach

At Loci Architecture + Design, our design approach reflects our values:
Design for place.

This is our mission!

Design for Place

The landscape, vernacular buildings, and people that live there serve as inspiration for Loci’s work. Good design responds to modern ways of living and honors the heritage of material, craft, and responsiveness to the natural world. Our contemporary, regional design solutions reflect our place.

Design for community.

We are lucky to live here.

Design for Community

We find inspiration from the people that surround us and the environment in which we live. Good design creates positive impact on our community and transforms the lives of those who are touched by our work. We do not take this responsibility lightly!

Design for our time.

We design for our collective future.

Design for our time.

The process of constructing, operating, and maintaining a building consumes large amounts of resources. Good design responds to our limited natural resources, health, biodiversity, and life cycle costs in elegant solutions that consume less and last longer. Good design can protect the things we value while being responsive to our time.

Design with People.

It takes a lot of people to complete a project.

Design with people.

The best design solutions evolve out of a collaborative process from inception to completion. Good design reflects the client’s vision, craftsmanship of the contractor, and heritage of our place. Loci believes that successful projects should celebrate everyone who comes together to bring the vision to life.