Sapphire Hills Retreat 

Settled into the foothills of the Sapphire Range, this home is designed to sit low in the landscape, connect to the land, and capture the stunning views of the Bitterroot Mountains across the valley.


Sapphire Hills Retreat is a single-family residence with the main axis aligned with site contours and formed by the gentle slope of the site and prevailing winds. Finish floor elevation was intentionally set slightly below existing grade with site retaining along the uphill side of the home so the home will sit low in the landscape. Located in a rolling, grassy area, the home is designed to open in all directions. A small courtyard on the east side of the home captures morning views of the rolling hills while huge windows and a covered patio capture Bitterroot range views.

Large operable windows and sliding patio doors in bedroom spaces give the sensation of sleeping outdoors. To mitigate heat from intense summer sun, roof overhangs and the covered patio are designed to provide shade and shelter while operable clerestory windows will allow heat to escape. Simple, durable, and fire-resistant materials were selected to reduce maintenance and respond to the powerful landscape.

Project Credit

Images – Loci Architecture + Design

Structural: Apex Engineering Services