Hillside Hideaway

Suffering from an ill-conceived renovation in the 1980’s, the living spaces of this mid-century modern home were cramped, dark, and segregated.

By re-arranging spaces, removing two walls, and adding a few new windows, the living spaces are bright, open, and reflect mid-century modern’s best design principles.

White oak floors and painted ceiling beams were preserved from the original design, and the existing, re-designed central fireplace serves as an anchor and focal point from each of the living space functions. New black walnut cabinets with white countertops, white wall tile, and a new pickled wood ceiling brighten the spaces and complement each other in a cohesive design statement. A new mudroom entry tucked off the living spaces provides a much-needed support space which will allow the Hillside Hideaway living spaces to remain clutter-free for years to come.

Project Credit

General Contractor – Ayers Construction, inc.

Structural – Apex Engineers

Photography – Cou Cou Studio