Montana Food
Bank Network

A new warehouse and office facility for Montana Food Bank Network is designed to help MFBN end hunger in Montana through food acquisition and distribution, education, and advocacy.

Serving as the only state-wide food bank, Montana Food Bank Network provides food to nearly 200 partner agencies throughout our State. Loci worked with MFBN to analyze the current facility for expansion, but existing warehouse and office space have not kept pace with the increased need for access to nutritious food. Working with Board and staff, a project vision, functional building program, site analysis, and preliminary design work was completed to support a capital campaign, and development of the concept is underway to build the project vision.

With goals for functional, simple, and low long-term operating and maintenance costs, building design and finishes are designed for maximum impact using simple materials. Simple warehouse roof forms with highly-insulated translucent clerestory wall panels create a light-filled space that reduces energy consumption and increases occupant comfort. At office spaces, individual offices are located at the perimeter and clerestory windows bring daylight into shared spaces in the central core. Simple and durable products are proposed throughout the facility to create warm, welcoming spaces that allow MFBN staff to fulfill their mission.

Project Credit

General Contractor – Jackson Contractor Group

Images – Loci Architecture + Design

Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Sprinkler, Special Systems Engineering, Structural – Morrison-Maierle Inc

Landscape Architecture – FourFront Design