Stacked Duplex

Expansive views, access to natural light, and a tight infill lot informed the design of this stacked duplex unit. Carefully balanced building forms and composition articulate scale in the single-family neighborhood.

This infill development in Central Missoula features garage parking, stacked duplex units, and one of the largest roof decks in the City. One-bedroom units include private balconies and open living spaces that capture impressive valley views. Located on a corner lot, living spaces and circulation are located along street edges while bedrooms are located interior to the lot.

Conceptually, a rectangular cube is offset from the ‘L’ volume base to express building function and to articulate building scale. Pre-finished wood and metal siding were selected to minimize maintenance and for maximum visual impact. Although budget-constrained, this project illustrates how a striking design concept is accomplished with a thoughtful but simple design solution.

Project Credit

General Contractor – Ames + Associates

Structural – Apex Engineering Services

Photography – Cou Cou Studio