REVO Montana

For REVO, we adapted a mid-century sanctuary into a temple for training and exercise.

As part of the larger The Revelry adaptive reuse project, REVO Montana is housed in the swanky former mid-century Baptist sanctuary pace. Featuring plywood veneer paneling, exposed brick walls, and a dramatic arching glu-laminated structure, the daylighted space has been adapted seamlessly into a sanctuary for fitness. Where faithful were previously baptized in an oversized heated tub, today’s users sweat and train to become their best selves.

A modified entry, changing rooms, equipment storage, and massage/evaluation room are incorporated into the original entry and vestibule. The nave and sanctuary have been transformed into an exercise-fanatic’s paradise. The open, adaptable gym space creates a sense of community where patrons pursue their fitness quest under the watchful eye of skilled trainers.

Project Credit

General Contractor – Straightedge Construction

Photography – Cou Cou Studio