THird Street Infill 

A vision for a human-scaled multi-use infill project that establishes a new design language in a predominantly vehicular environment.


This mixed-use infill project houses commercial tenant space on the street level and a dwelling unit above, with a shared balcony at the third level that overlooks the arterial and mountains beyond. Main level commercial tenant space features expansive glass, awnings, and modulation at the street façade to activate the pedestrian experience and draw customers to the storefront. The two-bedroom dwelling unit features double-height communal living spaces along the street edge at the second level. The primary suite is located on a mezzanine level with private balcony overlooking a densely-vegetated site area. A thoughtful material palette utilizing charred-wood siding, ground-face CMU, and painted panel siding articulate building forms, scale, and use within the building. The result is an iconic, human-scaled building will establish a new design language in a predominantly vehicular environment. 

Project Credit

Images – Loci Architecture + Design