Universal Appeal

Revamp to a 1940s home designed for an active family of four, this home integrates principals of universal access and sustainable design throughout the home.

Typical of post-war era homes, the existing home had narrow hallways, no direct outdoor access from primary living spaces, and had barriers for the mobility impaired.

Thoughtful design interventions eased access into and throughout the home and connected living spaces to the outdoors. Reconfiguration of the hallway and existing bedrooms, and a bedroom suite addition provide modern, accessible living spaces. The bedroom suite addition features an accessible bathroom and spacious bedroom with vaulted ceilings and large windows to maximize natural light throughout the seasons.

This small budget whole-house renovation incorporated the use of everyday materials like birch plywood cabinets in the kitchen and reclaimed materials for wood floors, wall paneling, framing materials and timbers. This home exemplifies how a constrained budget, universal access renovation can be beautiful and functional for timeless family living.

Project Credit

General Contractor – Ayers Construction

Photography – Cou Cou Studio